What is it?

What is CreativeEdge?


Emi Garzitto

Dr. Garzitto has been working with energy medicine modalities since 2002. Her PhD research in conflict sparked an interest in cell memory and the role it plays in health and well being especially around trauma and chronic injuries. Her passion in combining these areas of knowledge continues to evolve her practice. She is passionate about sharing her experience, knowledge and expertise with her clients and continues to work at enhancing her knowledge base.

CreativeEdge Bodyworks is a dynamic process that removes obstacles that prevent YOU from living the life YOU want to live.

Through a series of 3-6 50 minute sessions, utilizing a number of techniques which include Conflict Coaching, NLP and Specialized Kinesiology, CreativeEdge helps you identify and remove obstacles.

Together we work on an action plan that will move you towards Productivity, Peace and Wellness.

What is Conflict Coaching?

Dr. Garzitto has been working as a conflict coach since 1999 in response to demand for work environment solutions to manage conflict issues. She believes that you can learn to be fearless in the face of conflict. In fact, communities that can hold conflict and communities that practice waging good conflict are healthy and vibrant. Leadership development and assertiveness building can be fun, playful and life changing.

What is Specialized Kinesiology?

It is a holistic approach to medicine and is based upon the belief that every muscle within our body is related to an organ and energy path which is called the meridian channel. All these factors combine to form a circuit within the body and due to many factors this circuit can become broken which then leads to problems and illness within the body – http://kinesiology-uk.com/an-introduction-to-applied-kinesiology.htm

Specialized Kinesiology works to correct the “broken circuits” so that the body once again functions in a balanced state.

What is Energy Medicine?

It is really about addressing all of your body, including the electrical grid patterns that surround you.

Donna Eden’s defines energy medicine as “your body’s magic and your life force. You keep it healthy and it keeps you healthy. If you are sick or sad, shifting your energies feels good. When you care for these invisible energies, it makes your heart sing and your cells happy!” – http://innersource.net/em/about/energy-medicine.html

What is NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming?

NLP is a collection of protocols, techniques and tools developed to facilitate effective and long lasting change for clients. It works with thinking patterns, and where they are stored and processed, language patterns and behaviours; and, how these three aspects interact.