My Brain on Challenge

I don’t think I have ever written and published anything for 30 consecutive days.  I have two book drafts in various states of completion.  Even in my most productive bouts, I could not bring myself to do this.   So how did this happen?  And what did I learn?  What are my take aways? I […]

You Are Your Past

Mixing Polenta with a Drywall Mixer You are not your past. Tony Robbins If there is any dispute that your traits and beliefs are passed down through your DNA, you haven’t organized a cultural event or a family reunion. I am an Italian Canadian.  Both of my parents immigrated to Canada in the early 60’s.  […]

Pick One and Passing It Down

I sometimes make stupid decisions.  It sounds good at the time, but as the decision rolls out, my better judgement is challenged. Years ago as a drama teacher. I would come up with an idea and pass it by my Fine Arts Department Head. “Hey there Greg, I am thinking of writing a Comedia del’Arte […]

Racial Profiling and High Quality Boullion Powder

I am a little nervous going through American customs. My husband’s skin colour and last name meant that when we were dating during the Bush era, he would constantly be detained for “random” checks. With the new change of politic I brace myself for another round of hold ups and special treatment.  Much to my […]

Suffering as an Art Form – Chicks, Shells and Survival

When my mother was a little girl in Northern Italy on a small family farm, she would  watch baby chicks hatch out of their eggs. She was fascinated by the cracks and the the small puncture marks that would arrive signalling the arrival of a baby chick. There were times she would feel sorry for […]

Be Still

It is evening, we are both tired from the travelling and colds that keep lingering in our lungs. We sit outside the balcony of our unit watching a beautiful sunset.  I have a glass of wine in my hand.   We have a magnificent view.  We are silent. We let the sound of water breathing […]

Life Learning Vs. Good Marks

I am helping one of my nieces, Fabiana, with one of her papers.  It is a difficult and dense topic. The requirements are meticulous.  We are working sentence by sentence. Somewhere in the middle, we take a break and we Skype my sister.  Many years ago, I helped my twin edit her PhD thesis. It […]

Fear is Easy

Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember our rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it. Steven Pressfield  I believed, for most of my adult life, that my […]

Workshop and Presentations

2017  Setting Respectful Boundaries With Children Parent Advisory Committee 2017  Peer to Peer Conflict Strategies, Vancouver School Board 2017  How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher, Parent Advisory Committee 2016  Working Through Family Conflict, Vanouver RC Archdiocese 2016  Self Regulation and the Digital Brain, Vanouver RC Archdiocese 2016  Self Regulation Strategies for Children, Vanouver School […]

My Opening Lob

Welcome to my blog! This is a blog that will examine everyday questions that come in a public school that relate to technology and moral education.  I am a vice principal at John Oliver Secondary School. As a VP in a challenging Vancouver east side school that embraces technology, I am curious as to how […]