The Attention Economy Cheat Sheet

Emi Garzitto  Creative Edge Consulting    The Attention Economy Cheat Notes  Take small steps    Repeat them daily    Reinforce success    Create consistent routines    Do less    Have less    Eat meals together with no electronic devices including the TV    Have 30 minute family time where all electronic devices are […]

Helping Children Learn in the Age of Distractions Cheat Sheet

Your Brain on Twitter – Helping Children Learn in the Age of Distractions Electronic Culture: n  Favours quick responses, quick results and efficient outcomes. n  Does not utilize our bodies and movement, which is where social, emotional learning takes place. n  Does not provide the repetitive practice required to help children learn social cues, emotional […]

What Is Anxiety Cheat Sheet

What is Anxiety? anx·i·e·ty noun: anxiety; plural noun: anxieties a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. PSYCHIATRY a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks. Stress Chemicals Increases production of cortisol and adrenaline […]

Active Listening Cheat Sheet

Active Listening Cheat Sheet   Listening Is ›  The cornerstone of all conflict and communication practices. ›  90% of the conflict process is about being a good listener. The Opposite of Multitasking Is ›  Active Listening. ›  The ability to focus and attend to an outside speaker, while putting aside your ‘inside dialogue’ takes practice. […]

Managing Difficult Conversations Cheat Sheet

Managing Difficult Conversations With Your Children 1Creating systems and strategies in the home that help children develop the skills required to hold difficult conversations ·      Tasks that are repeated over time, train the brain. ·      Positive Activities to Promote include: ·      Positive Self Talk ·      Independent Morning/Evening Routines ·      Family Chores ·      Quiet time ·      […]

Communicating Well At Home

Communicating Well At Home Cheat Sheet Emi Garzitto I.         TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST.  Make sure you are calm and kind.  Your thoughts matter.  Go with the intention to hold relationship. II.         ASK FOR PERMISSION  “Do you have 20 minutes to talk to me? I’d like to talk about what happened at recess on the […]

Your Brain on Twitter Cheat Sheet

Your Brain on Twitter Notes How It All Began n  3.5 billion years ago Life Began! n  300 million years ago: Development of Reptilian Brain (Brain Stem) n  100 million years ago: Development of Emotional Brain (Amygdala) n  70 million years ago: Development of Thinking Brain n  4 million – 2 million years ago: Arrival […]

What Adults Can Do For Children’s Anxiety Cheat Sheet

What Adults Can Do For Children’s Anxiety Cheat Sheet 1. Home Strategies Declutter the home environment Model Emotional Independence – Stress Contagion – You are in charge of managing your feelings Move Meditation/Breathing Provide Responsibilities and Praise Independence Limit Electronic Device Use Have a consistent morning and evening routine Eat Real Food 2. Some Suggestions: […]