If You Hurt My Feelings You Must Be Punished

If the price for disrespect, discomfort or failure is public shaming, we eliminate the very environments that build resilience, community and confidence.  Good schools don’t eliminate disrespect, discomfort or failure.  Good schools create environments that make it safe enough to tackle and practice and rehearse what to do when you are feeling disrespected, or what to […]

Too Tired to Succeed – Who Takes Care of the Caregivers?

I am in the classroom, teaching Kindergarten and grade one students.  I am talking about feelings. Our moments of “unkind” and “mean” happen most when we are depleted. If you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired; if you are frustrated, hurt or worried, chances are good, you will be unkind to someone. I am in 12 […]

What Makes Us Vote For Le Pen?

Resilience, grit, compassion and caring are words we use to describe individuals but these qualities exist in communities and nations.  How do we teach and practice these skills in collectives?  How can we up the resilience of communities to manage adversity with compassion and care? Global catastrophes will continue to challenge our answer to this […]

YouTube, Netflix and the New Normal

All of that practice in social engagement helps us learn to regulate our own feelings.  It helps us practice those all important social emotional skills of connecting with others.  It is the tiny small nuances of human interaction, repeated thousands and thousands of times that inform all of our body.  These small bits of information […]

You Are Your Past

Mixing Polenta with a Drywall Mixer You are not your past. Tony Robbins If there is any dispute that your traits and beliefs are passed down through your DNA, you haven’t organized a cultural event or a family reunion. I am an Italian Canadian.  Both of my parents immigrated to Canada in the early 60’s.  […]

Pick One and Passing It Down

I sometimes make stupid decisions.  It sounds good at the time, but as the decision rolls out, my better judgement is challenged. Years ago as a drama teacher. I would come up with an idea and pass it by my Fine Arts Department Head. “Hey there Greg, I am thinking of writing a Comedia del’Arte […]

On CDs, Fundamentalism and Paradigm Shifts

Back in the technology boom of the 90’s, I was an avid reader of the magazine Fast Company. I still have some of the articles, tucked in my research files.  I just can’t find them at the moment. One of the articles talked about the growth curve of industries.  At the time, CD’s were still the […]

The Power of More Than One

I am once again staring out at miserable rain and snow.  It is March.  Spring is just around the corner. Outside my window there are big fat flakes hitting the sidewalk.  I start yelling at my husband, “No!  I don’t want thissss!” Yelling it out loud makes me feel better. I am in my running […]