If You Hurt My Feelings You Must Be Punished

If the price for disrespect, discomfort or failure is public shaming, we eliminate the very environments that build resilience, community and confidence.  Good schools don’t eliminate disrespect, discomfort or failure.  Good schools create environments that make it safe enough to tackle and practice and rehearse what to do when you are feeling disrespected, or what to […]

What’s It Like to Be You?

Beliefs are not an intellectual construct, they are an emotional one. Our feelings are always connected to our body – they are embedded not just in our brain or in our cognitive memories, they are embedded in the cells of our body, in our gut, and in our joints. The question, “What’s it like to […]

Active Listening Cheat Sheet

Active Listening Cheat Sheet   Listening Is ›  The cornerstone of all conflict and communication practices. ›  90% of the conflict process is about being a good listener. The Opposite of Multitasking Is ›  Active Listening. ›  The ability to focus and attend to an outside speaker, while putting aside your ‘inside dialogue’ takes practice. […]

Communicating Well At Home

Communicating Well At Home Cheat Sheet Emi Garzitto I.         TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST.  Make sure you are calm and kind.  Your thoughts matter.  Go with the intention to hold relationship. II.         ASK FOR PERMISSION  “Do you have 20 minutes to talk to me? I’d like to talk about what happened at recess on the […]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

It has been years since Rodney King famously uttered,  “Can’t we all just get along?” Having been beaten  by the Los Angeles Police and more importantly, having it filmed for all the world to see, this became the final spark that began the LA riots in 1992. I remember watching the footage, naive to the […]

On CDs, Fundamentalism and Paradigm Shifts

Back in the technology boom of the 90’s, I was an avid reader of the magazine Fast Company. I still have some of the articles, tucked in my research files.  I just can’t find them at the moment. One of the articles talked about the growth curve of industries.  At the time, CD’s were still the […]

The Danger of “You Triggered Me”

I am an avid eavesdropper.   I love taking transit to work and hearing all of the conversations, observing different body positions, leaning in to see what people are reading, or watching on their phones. In my office, the door closed, I hear the banter of the group of intermediate students playing directly underneath from […]

The Road to Self Advocacy Is Not Paved With Kindness

Years ago when I was training for a marathon, I was participating in an 18 mile training run.  It was a hot morning and the route was full of hills.  Near the end of the run, we hit a stretch void of shade.  Everyone in the group is starting to melt a little and the […]

The Paradox of Stillness – 5 Things to do in Crisis

After struggling with symptoms of severe adrenal failure, my sister was finally feeling the benefits of a strengthening recovery.  She was doing so well, that she was back to playing badminton – her long time passion.  In fact, she was doing so well, that she entered and won local tournaments, and had just signed up […]

Going Slow to Go Fast – Training Your Brain to Embrace Transformation

I have to admit to one of my guilty pleasures in order to give this blog post some context.  I love watching the TV show, “The Biggest Loser”.  I admit to enjoying the catharsis of watching bodies and lives transform right before our television eyes.  I know it is produced, formulaic with a slick intent […]