My Addiction to Certainty

Food and Connection Two years ago, I saw an interview with Tony Robbins, a popular motivational speaker who talked about six core values that drive behaviour. The values were significance, love, growth, contribution, certainty, and adventure.  According to Robbins, everyone values a particular cocktail of the combination. When I thought carefully about the list and […]

The Paradox of Stillness – 5 Things to do in Crisis

After struggling with symptoms of severe adrenal failure, my sister was finally feeling the benefits of a strengthening recovery.  She was doing so well, that she was back to playing badminton – her long time passion.  In fact, she was doing so well, that she entered and won local tournaments, and had just signed up […]

Goodbye to 2013 and Hello to 2014

So I know we are already into our first week of February 2014, but I did want to make a short blog post about entering into a new calendar year and reflecting about the year that seemed to rush madly by. For me, 2013 was a year of huge changes and shifts in my life […]