Quick Fire Neural Pathways – Helping Our Brains Wire for Compassion

A fourteen-year-old girl, “Wendy” has been shunned by her social circle for having slandered another high profile fifteen-year-old girl. “Samantha”.  Samantha has rallied all of her friends and has now started a social media campaign that essentially humiliates Wendy.  She has posted false information about Wendy and numerous other girls have picked up the slander. […]

Middle Aged Brain on Twitter

In an ever-growing attempt to acquaint myself in the digital land, I have decided to use part of my winter break navigating twitter.  Still flush with my one on one tutorial with a fellow colleague, Wendy Beamish, I felt I could tackle what felt like a massive stream of information, words, provocative phrases, rabbit holes, […]

The Attention Economy Cheat Sheet

Emi Garzitto  Creative Edge Consulting  https://creativeedgeconsulting.com  http://livinginpublicschoolspaces.blogspot.ca    The Attention Economy Cheat Notes  Take small steps    Repeat them daily    Reinforce success    Create consistent routines    Do less    Have less    Eat meals together with no electronic devices including the TV    Have 30 minute family time where all electronic devices are […]

Helping Children Learn in the Age of Distractions Cheat Sheet

Your Brain on Twitter – Helping Children Learn in the Age of Distractions Electronic Culture: n  Favours quick responses, quick results and efficient outcomes. n  Does not utilize our bodies and movement, which is where social, emotional learning takes place. n  Does not provide the repetitive practice required to help children learn social cues, emotional […]

Your Brain on Twitter Cheat Sheet

Your Brain on Twitter Notes How It All Began n  3.5 billion years ago Life Began! n  300 million years ago: Development of Reptilian Brain (Brain Stem) n  100 million years ago: Development of Emotional Brain (Amygdala) n  70 million years ago: Development of Thinking Brain n  4 million – 2 million years ago: Arrival […]

YouTube, Netflix and the New Normal

All of that practice in social engagement helps us learn to regulate our own feelings.  It helps us practice those all important social emotional skills of connecting with others.  It is the tiny small nuances of human interaction, repeated thousands and thousands of times that inform all of our body.  These small bits of information […]

What Does Social Emotional Learning Have In Common With Video Games?

Easy to learn, hard to master. This is the goal of every video game developer.  It is the hallmark of the gaming industry.  It allows a user to gain enough proficiency in a game so as to encourage further use, and gradual challenges to provide more and more complexity and effort.  It is a simple […]

When is Cheese No Longer Cheese?

My love affair for cheese is well documented.  You can see my blog post on my cheese making course experience here.  If I ever go to jail, it will have something to do with transporting hundreds of pounds of cheese hidden in boxes labelled bocce balls.  I have listened to gastropod’s history of cheese three […]

Here’s What’s Working

Here’s What’s Working – Coquitlam’s Inquiry Hub A few weeks ago, Gino Bondi  organized a visit for administrators and teachers working in specialized mini schools within their Vancouver Public schools to go and visit Coquitlam’s iHub school. Coquitlam’s iHub is a specialized school within a school that operates within their Open Learning cadre which includes […]

How Do We Put Back in Curriculum What Technology Takes Away?

Technology is moving into the educational sphere in an ever-increasing way.  The BC Ed Learning Plan has “Learning empowered by technology” as one of its five key elements that will inform future educational policy. (p.5 http://www.bcedplan.ca/assets/pdf/bc_edu_plan.pdf) The Vancouver School Board, like many other districts, is looking at introducing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture […]