School Trustees Found Guilty of Bullying – Foxes Running the Chicken Coop

An external report from the Vancouver School Board was released to the media on Friday morning.  The redacted report claims that some elected School Trustees created a “a toxic work environment in which staff were bullied and harassed.” I have spoken to colleagues who were present at some of the public meetings where the “bullying” took […]

What’s the End Game?

So, as I mentioned in the last blog, public schools should be open, no matter what. Negotiations between government and teachers should take place outside of student learning. In an increasing climate where public education is under threat, where government is methodically chipping away at public education and increasingly providing financial support for alternative private […]

Ramblings on the Picket Line #3 – Students

It is a grey Monday morning, and the dispute continues, seemingly both sides more entrenched in their positions than ever, with no sign of a truce.  It appears that I will be writing quite a few of these before I return to my school work routines, and quite possibly, a good piece of Fall will […]

Ramblings on the Picket Line #2 – Union

Yesterday, I wrote about the Government and today, as promised, I am going to ramble about my view on the BCTF. Marshall  McLuhan, oh so many years ago, wrote “the medium is the message” and in this digital age of instant information, this has even greater significance.  Packaging of content has just as much importance […]

Ramblings on the Picket Line #1 – Government

This is a painful blog post to write.  I have stopped talking about the strike because the feelings from everyone are strong and fiery, and almost always framed in a way that leave me defending the teacher union position. Let me start by saying I am on the picket line. I am a due paying […]