Your Brain on Repetition

When I was a teenager, I used to bake cookies all the time.  Hard to believe now, as I am continually teased about my poor baking skills, but back then, baking was something I did that comforted me.    There was the occasional mishap like the time I forgot to put in the baking soda […]

Your Children Will Embarass You

Easy choices. Hard life.  Hard choices. Easy life. Jerzy Gregorek Children have a knack at highlighting your weaknesses. They will do things, both in public and in private, that will make you question your choice at having them in the first place.  They will press your buttons, find your vulnerabilities and use them at your weakest […]

If You Hurt My Feelings You Must Be Punished

If the price for disrespect, discomfort or failure is public shaming, we eliminate the very environments that build resilience, community and confidence.  Good schools don’t eliminate disrespect, discomfort or failure.  Good schools create environments that make it safe enough to tackle and practice and rehearse what to do when you are feeling disrespected, or what to […]

What’s It Like to Be You?

Beliefs are not an intellectual construct, they are an emotional one. Our feelings are always connected to our body – they are embedded not just in our brain or in our cognitive memories, they are embedded in the cells of our body, in our gut, and in our joints. The question, “What’s it like to […]

When Does Care Become Harm?

The mother in front of me works two jobs.  She is the sole caregiver for her two young boys.  Both of her jobs provide a substantial income.  She works very hard. Both of her boys are struggling with some of their social emotional skills, but they are excelling in their academics. Mom has both boys […]

Too Tired to Succeed – Who Takes Care of the Caregivers?

I am in the classroom, teaching Kindergarten and grade one students.  I am talking about feelings. Our moments of “unkind” and “mean” happen most when we are depleted. If you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired; if you are frustrated, hurt or worried, chances are good, you will be unkind to someone. I am in 12 […]

The Attention Economy Cheat Sheet

Emi Garzitto  Creative Edge Consulting    The Attention Economy Cheat Notes  Take small steps    Repeat them daily    Reinforce success    Create consistent routines    Do less    Have less    Eat meals together with no electronic devices including the TV    Have 30 minute family time where all electronic devices are […]

Combatting Addiction With Curiosity and Community

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection. Joahan Hari     There is a classic study done on rats. They were in a sterile environment, and they were given the choice of either water or water mixed with cocaine. By the end of the study all of the mice became addicted […]

Your Brain on Twitter Cheat Sheet

Your Brain on Twitter Notes How It All Began n  3.5 billion years ago Life Began! n  300 million years ago: Development of Reptilian Brain (Brain Stem) n  100 million years ago: Development of Emotional Brain (Amygdala) n  70 million years ago: Development of Thinking Brain n  4 million – 2 million years ago: Arrival […]

What Makes Us Vote For Le Pen?

Resilience, grit, compassion and caring are words we use to describe individuals but these qualities exist in communities and nations.  How do we teach and practice these skills in collectives?  How can we up the resilience of communities to manage adversity with compassion and care? Global catastrophes will continue to challenge our answer to this […]