Your Brain on Uncertainty

Brains love uncertainty. What? You just finished writing a post about how brains love certainty and now you are telling me the complete opposite? Yes, I am telling you the complete opposite.  Seems our brains love a good paradox. Brains need certainty and uncertainty. Brains need safety as well as some stress and danger. Brains […]

Your Brain on Certainty

I am very fond of certainty. I have written about my addiction to certainty in one of my other blogs. Certainty is about the desire to know what is happening in your environment.   It is about the patterns, the people, the activities and routines that are predictable. Certainty is a good thing, in fact, […]

Your Brain on Routines

Slow and Steady Wins the Race One of my favourite sayings is “slow and steady wins the race,” probably because this pretty much defines everything I do.  I don’t do anything quickly.  Growing up, I struggled to keep up with my brother and sister in whatever kind of play we were currently engaged in. I […]

The Danger of “You Triggered Me”

I am an avid eavesdropper.   I love taking transit to work and hearing all of the conversations, observing different body positions, leaning in to see what people are reading, or watching on their phones. In my office, the door closed, I hear the banter of the group of intermediate students playing directly underneath from […]

The Road to Self Advocacy Is Not Paved With Kindness

Years ago when I was training for a marathon, I was participating in an 18 mile training run.  It was a hot morning and the route was full of hills.  Near the end of the run, we hit a stretch void of shade.  Everyone in the group is starting to melt a little and the […]

Point One – Feelings Matter

It is the last hour of school before school is dismissed for spring break.  I am going around to the classrooms checking in on students but I am preempted by a variety of activities.  The grade 7 classes are positively gleeful, completing art projects and eating a variety of the mandatory carbs.  I head over […]

The Power of More Than One

I am once again staring out at miserable rain and snow.  It is March.  Spring is just around the corner. Outside my window there are big fat flakes hitting the sidewalk.  I start yelling at my husband, “No!  I don’t want thissss!” Yelling it out loud makes me feel better. I am in my running […]

Can We Teach Children to be Happy?

I am at a school meeting attended by a classroom teacher, a resource teacher, a school administrator, a  support worker and myself as a school counsellor. We are talking about how to better support a student who is struggling with anxiety and anxious behaviour.  Any test or performance brings significant belly aches, headaches and paralysis. […]

School Trustees Found Guilty of Bullying – Foxes Running the Chicken Coop

An external report from the Vancouver School Board was released to the media on Friday morning.  The redacted report claims that some elected School Trustees created a “a toxic work environment in which staff were bullied and harassed.” I have spoken to colleagues who were present at some of the public meetings where the “bullying” took […]

Top 10 Strategies to Create the Anxious Child (Part Two)

All of our interactions and responses influence those around us. The adults in the primary support system for children have a tremendous influence on children.  What we do, what we think and how we respond, all carry an impact on children, whose brains are still building the neural network and responses that inform their moral practice.Here’s the […]