Your Brain on Repetition

When I was a teenager, I used to bake cookies all the time.  Hard to believe now, as I am continually teased about my poor baking skills, but back then, baking was something I did that comforted me.    There was the occasional mishap like the time I forgot to put in the baking soda […]

Your Brain on Loneliness – How Do You Fix Lonely?

I am talking to a group of university undergrad students via Skype.  The topic is neuroplasticity and learning. During the Q and A, a student asks about loneliness. “What can you do to combat the feeling of loneliness?” “Is loneliness in your DNA?” I thought about her questions for a long time after the session, […]

My Brain on Challenge

I don’t think I have ever written and published anything for 30 consecutive days.  I have two book drafts in various states of completion.  Even in my most productive bouts, I could not bring myself to do this.   So how did this happen?  And what did I learn?  What are my take aways? I […]

Your Brain on Completing Tasks to the End

I was lucky to have someone mentor me through my first half marathon.  She would council me on appropriate running gear, how to pace myself, and the right kind of running shoes.  She even got me to eat during the long runs. “You have to eat something.” “This stuff tastes terrible.  Why would I want […]

Your Brain on Perserverance

One of my goals for 2017 was to increase my skill at swimming so that I can eventually overcome my fear of swimming in open water. As a part of that goal, I am taking intermediate adult swimming lessons at the local pool. Twelve people are enrolled in the class.  It is a smattering of ages and […]

Your Brain on Uncertainty

Brains love uncertainty. What? You just finished writing a post about how brains love certainty and now you are telling me the complete opposite? Yes, I am telling you the complete opposite.  Seems our brains love a good paradox. Brains need certainty and uncertainty. Brains need safety as well as some stress and danger. Brains […]

Your Brain on Certainty

I am very fond of certainty. I have written about my addiction to certainty in one of my other blogs. Certainty is about the desire to know what is happening in your environment.   It is about the patterns, the people, the activities and routines that are predictable. Certainty is a good thing, in fact, […]