Managing Difficult Conversations Cheat Sheet

Managing Difficult Conversations With Your Children 1Creating systems and strategies in the home that help children develop the skills required to hold difficult conversations ·      Tasks that are repeated over time, train the brain. ·      Positive Activities to Promote include: ·      Positive Self Talk ·      Independent Morning/Evening Routines ·      Family Chores ·      Quiet time ·      […]

Communicating Well At Home

Communicating Well At Home Cheat Sheet Emi Garzitto I.         TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST.  Make sure you are calm and kind.  Your thoughts matter.  Go with the intention to hold relationship. II.         ASK FOR PERMISSION  “Do you have 20 minutes to talk to me? I’d like to talk about what happened at recess on the […]

Your Brain on Twitter Cheat Sheet

Your Brain on Twitter Notes How It All Began n  3.5 billion years ago Life Began! n  300 million years ago: Development of Reptilian Brain (Brain Stem) n  100 million years ago: Development of Emotional Brain (Amygdala) n  70 million years ago: Development of Thinking Brain n  4 million – 2 million years ago: Arrival […]

What Adults Can Do For Children’s Anxiety Cheat Sheet

What Adults Can Do For Children’s Anxiety Cheat Sheet 1. Home Strategies Declutter the home environment Model Emotional Independence – Stress Contagion – You are in charge of managing your feelings Move Meditation/Breathing Provide Responsibilities and Praise Independence Limit Electronic Device Use Have a consistent morning and evening routine Eat Real Food 2. Some Suggestions: […]

What Makes Us Vote For Le Pen?

Resilience, grit, compassion and caring are words we use to describe individuals but these qualities exist in communities and nations.  How do we teach and practice these skills in collectives?  How can we up the resilience of communities to manage adversity with compassion and care? Global catastrophes will continue to challenge our answer to this […]

YouTube, Netflix and the New Normal

All of that practice in social engagement helps us learn to regulate our own feelings.  It helps us practice those all important social emotional skills of connecting with others.  It is the tiny small nuances of human interaction, repeated thousands and thousands of times that inform all of our body.  These small bits of information […]

A Label Is Not a Solution

Schools are looking for ways to best serve a diverse group of students. One of the ways students qualify for additional support is through having students tested and designated.  This child has a learning disability.  This child is on the autism spectrum.  This child has Attention Deficit Disorder.  Each designation provides some additional supports for […]

Your Brain on Loneliness – How Do You Fix Lonely?

I am talking to a group of university undergrad students via Skype.  The topic is neuroplasticity and learning. During the Q and A, a student asks about loneliness. “What can you do to combat the feeling of loneliness?” “Is loneliness in your DNA?” I thought about her questions for a long time after the session, […]

My Brain on Challenge

I don’t think I have ever written and published anything for 30 consecutive days.  I have two book drafts in various states of completion.  Even in my most productive bouts, I could not bring myself to do this.   So how did this happen?  And what did I learn?  What are my take aways? I […]